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Doing the Work of the Lord & helping other's out.

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The BIBLE and other Christian books and reference materials.

General About Me
I am a Woman of God who is focusing all her time and energy to our Lord first and formost and second spending time on myself and being with family. I was born in January and I am a family person and enjoy spending time with friends and family in my spare time. I give a shout out/Thanks to: To God for placing the right people in my path to help me in my ministry and walk with you Lord cause without you Lord where would I be today or who would I be? and to mom pd: (Pastor Debbie)this site is awesome thanks for your help with it. To all my friends and family thanks for all you do and I love you all. To all our troops over sea's fighting on our behalf here in the USA we are uplifting you all in prayers and we pray that you will return home safe to your friends and family.

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