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That away I can add them to the site. in the subject line or in the prayer/praise let me know if this is just a message for myself Wanda Finley & the other Admins. or Just myself Wanda Finley or if you would like for me to share on the site here. Note.... If not specified whom you want to view/see the prayer/praise I will not post it to the site but will keep it in my own personal prayer journal and keep prayer over it. Thank you for your understanding. 




Prayer Request submitted from: Connie Hart saying ~~~ Urgent Prayer Request: I just got a call and we need some serious prayer for a newborn baby in respiratory distress. He is being taken to Massachussetts General and is in an incubator. Also prayers are needed for the mother who has a 102 temperature and they don't know what's going on. Thank you and God bless. ♥  


Prayer Request Submitted From: Connie Hart saying ~~ Please keep me in your prayers, I have been in severe pain since Christmas. I have fibromyalgia and the cold is terrible on that. I'm still believing for total healing and deliverance of that illness in Jesus name! Yet shall I praise Him! Thank you and have a God Blessed day Women & Men of God. 


Prayer Request Submitted on Living For God Ministries by: Rondel Travis saying ~~ I am going to ask for all of your prayers. We have a family with 4 small children that up until 2 weeks ago had no place to live. My wife and I share what God has given us with some happiness. But Mom and Dad care more for themselves than their children. Both of them are into drugs and there is no furniture in the apartment. Our church got the apartment for them as well as things for Christmas. Weds. night we took some food over and we had the 10 and 7 yr. old over all night last night. Neither one of the girls wanted to go home. Please pray for this family.


Prayer Request Submitted by: Connie Hart saying ~~ Just got a call from Peggy from our church. She needs prayers. She had broken her toe and that is healed, Now something is wrong with her foot and she still can't walk. She desperately wants to go to church but is still stuck. So please intercede for her and keep her in your prayers. Thank you and God Bless.


Prayer Request Submitted by: Connie Hart saying ~~ Please pray for Susan Bubier, she has really bad congestion and not feeling well at all. We come against any spirit of sickness, disease and illness in Jesus name  Amen!


Prayer Request Submitted by: Pastor Deborah Covington on Living For God Ministries saying ~~ Please keep our sister Diane M. in prayer she is not feeling well at all... I am standing in faith on the word of YHWH for healing! Amen!


Prayer Request Submitted by: Connie Hart  ~~ Please Pray for the following, this is my uncle and my aunt and her sister are the ones who need prayers. Thank You and God Bless all... read on.... Jackie now has a lung infection and is on antibiotics for ten days. First viral pneumonia and now this, not a good winter so far. Her sister is now at d'Youville nursing home still battling her infection. For how long we don't know. She's hoping to go home later this week. So many problems for her.


Prayer Request Submitted by: Wanda Finley on 1/12/13 @ 1:14pm ~~ Let us all keep those in prayer who are sick and suffering from the flu, colds, ect. this flu and winter season. There are so many reports of Children & Adults now passing away from the flu. And Last week we had about 40 members of our church body out sick. Pray for a quick recovery and healing and that they may keep their strength up what strength they got left from the sickness. Amen! I also in this prayer request want to encourage everyone to do everything they can to think of to help them prevent from getting sick... such as wash hands often, use hand sant. often, get your flu shots if you have not all ready done so, make sure to cover up your cough/sneezes and respect and be polite of others so not to get others sick, Stock up on Vitamin C & Zinc and if you get sick please stay home so not to spread your germs to others as this season is a bad/tough/rough one this year as it has hit us early on. Thank you and God Bless. Also to let us uplift Everyone's UnSaved Loved one's in prayer to our heavenly Father so that we can continue on being that light that shines in the darkness that will one day help lead our unsaved loved ones home. Pray they find their way into the fold of God's family before it's too late for them. And continue to keep me & my family uplifted in prayers for unspoken as well as continued healing, comfort, peace as we lost a beloved Husband (for mom) Father (for me and my brother) Grandfather (to my nieces & gr8 nephew) and Friend to many on July 5th, 2012 (6 months ago) and it is still hard here but God is getting us all through these hard times and supplying for us. and Continue prayers for me as I continue on my life long term goal/journey of losing weight that I will have a nice success story to tell and once I lose this weight will be able to keep it off. Thank you all and God Bless each of you.


Prayer Request from: Wanda Finley ~~ Please keep my friend Amy & her family in prayers as I just found out the other day that she lost two of her family members. Pray for peace & comfort that God will wrap Himself around them and show them His love during this difficult time. Also pray for any of the family that maybe unsaved as well to that they may come to know the Lord.


Prayer request from George Prendergast~~Please keep my friend Lisa and her family in prayer as she has been battling cancer for a very long time and it is terminal. Please pray for a miracle to occur, continued peace and comfort for the entire family and friends, for their faith to grow everyday and Lisa's courage to not waiver. Please also pray for me on an unspoken prayer request. Thank you and as always God bless. 


Prayer request from George Prendergast~~ please continue to pray for my friend henry, for his blood work that will determine if his PSA levels have been lowered from his recovery from cancer. He should get the results soon. Thank you as always God Bless.


Prayer Request from Wanda Finley ~~ 1/19/13 ~~ I want to ask us to come together in prayer for those suffering with marriage problems. The devil is sure on attack to do his best to tear families apart and between marriage & children those are two areas in my life that I am passionate about so with that being said let us Pray that no matter what couples are facing that God will give them the strength and courage to rise above whatever is at hand and be able to come together and work things out and in His will & time that God will bring peace, and unity back into the home and heal all hurts ect. that have risen and been formed due to the split up ect. Pray also for those who are split up or facing a Divorce that God would do a miracle for those couples and or if the couples are facing abuse or whatever Pray for God's protection upon them and that God helps them get out of the situation at hand. Pray however the Lord leads you to pray for those suffering with marriage problems, split up, and or divorce. I also ask for a unspoken request that kinda goes in part with the Prayer request above for a sweet friend & sister in Christ whom I know that is younger then myself  & she & God know whom I am refering to. God Bless all marriages every where and help build them up stronger in HIS word and help heal all hurts. Amen!!!



from: Wanda Finley submitted on 1/19/13 ~~ I just got word today that one of my prayer requests that I have been asking my church family and friends to keep uplifted in prayers for the past 6 or so months has just recently been answered. Mom called me & read me the letter she had received in the mail in regards to her income. They finally got things straightened out and taken care of and finally paid mom what she was due her from back in August of 2012. and on top of that God cleaned the mess up on their part and mom owes them nothing back in return now as it was a major error on their part. Praise God Praise God Praise God. God is so so good. Now.... with that all being said.... I want to say this to encourage you all out there.... No matter what you pray asking God for Remember several things here okay... 1) Pray, be specific about what you ask him for. 2.) Trust & Believe that HE will supply/ meet your requested need. 3) Remember it is not in our Time that HE will answer but only in HIS time. 4) We need to wait upon Him and be patient and still till HE answers. 5) not all the time will we get the answers we were expecting, or hoping for again It's not in our will or power or time but Only In His Will, power, time. 6) God answers in 3 ways and they are... Yes, No, Not Yet as I have better things for you. Just some words of encouragement for you. See all it takes is faith to move God. faith as small as a mustard seed. You see me & my family, friends, and church body has been in prayer for a need to get straightened out for my mom for the past 6 months since August 2012 and we kept it in prayer kept seeking, asking God about it but still waiting on Him being patient, obedient, having faith, hope to get us through this and God answers 6 months later see we could of done a number of things, we could of lost hope & faith, lost our focus, became inpatient, became disobedient,  ect ect ect but we stuck it out and waited for God to move & work all things out. for God takes care of His own folks. If God takes care of the birds will He not also take care of you? Stay encouraged my friends don't lose hope, faith God will move & work for you to. I love you but Jesus Loves you so much more then I ever could. Thanks again friends for all the prayers on behalf of my mothers income and the family. I love you all and appreciate each of you for being in my life. God Bless.


Praise & Prayer Requests submitted by: Wanda Finley on 2/2/13 ~~~~  First I want to give Praise to our Lord for a good report that came back for my mother Sue. here recently my mother had a test run & they found something and removed it sending it off for a biopsy and the doctor called her a few days ago giving her the report that everything checked out all right that everything was normal that it was not cancer nor anything else to worry about. I praise ye the Lord for great wonderful news. Second I come asking prayers for a brother in Christ named Fred Kennedy as he recently went through a quaddroupal bypass heart surgery he is recovering nicely been up walking and may get to go home on Monday. Still keep him & his family uplifted in prayers during this time. and also Please pray for my sister in Christ Minister Jan who is one of this ministries co-admins. I just got report today from Pastor Debbie Covington saying..... to keep her in prayers as she is in the hospital they believe she has pancreatitis, with levels this high, yep that is what it sounds like. she went in yesterday her Triglycerides are awful her lipase should range like 73-393 hers is 2126 amylase isnt near as bad. They say it appears there maybe a blockage. here is her phone number there at the hospital should any one want to give her a call (318) 681-1681. Thanks in advance for the prayers for our Sister in Christ. Shalom.


Lastly let us ..........




Hi George Here and I have a prayer request for a friend of my sister and mine, Anny who had her house broken into this Thursday morning. Praise God no-one was hurt, but they need prayers for comfort and peace of mind. Thank you and as always God bless.


Prayer Request Submitted by: Wanda Finley  on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013 @ 3:29 pm ~~

I would like to ask prayer for myself for a healing to over come this cold that I am doing my best at fighting off not letting it get the best of me. Also keep me in prayers for my finances as at the end of the month of March here I will currently be unemployed. Pray God suppiles me with a Job that HE has in store for me one with benefits, full time, a great family, friendly, Christian work environment, and that is a Job I would enjoy and feel comfortable doing with low stress levels to deal with. And continue the prayers for mom as well to. Thank you all and God Bless each of you that are our Mighty Prayer Warriors that take of your time to pray over each need brought forth for this ministry. 



4/16/2013 12:10am

This is a prayer request from George Prendergast and I am requesting prayers for perservence in my studies as motivation seems to be a problem. I also need prayers for an unspoken. Thank you and as always God bless. 


10/10/2013 1:41pm

Gosh it has been a while since I sent any prayer requests here. I first would like prayer requests for my grandparents. My grandparent is in a rehabilitation center for a serious bout of shingles and my family has decided that she cannot come back home. Please pray for my grandfather who is being stubborn and does not want to go into an assisted living place. The deadline is October 13th, this sunday and pray that I may continue to be of encouragement to him. I am also asking prayers for my friend Linda who just got home from a stay at a hospital after getting pneumonia and pancreatitis. She is resting comfortably. I ask prayers for my sister and her foster mother for unspoken. Prayers for her foster mother on healing form injuring her Archilles Tendon. Prayers for my BFF Wanda on relief of anxiety and stress of her job and anything else going on. I also have a prayer request for my friend Cynthia Name Name and her son George. George is in the end stages of Cancer and Cynthia is distraught. Please pray for comfort and peace for them both and for God to either work a mighty healing of George or call him home. Finally, If you could keep me in prayers for my course, that i may continue to persevere. Also, after this English course I am taking is over, I will be focusing on my health in all areas of my life and seeking God's will even more. I feel he is calling me to focus more on him when I have the time, After tomorrow, I will have more time on my hands and I feel led to focusing on him every step of the way. Thank you and as always God bless. 

Your friend in Christ,

George Prendergast

_______________ ____________________________________________________

Prayer Requests for February 2, 2014 from Wanda Finley:

1) Please keep my good friend Michelle Bellamy & her family uplifted in prayer for a healing as Michelle just recently had a heart procedure done not long a go and she needs a touch from the Masters hands for a safe and quick healing/recovery. Comfort, Peace, Strength for the family as well too during her recovery time.

2.) Please Pray for the class room of 9 special needs kids I will be helping assist teach this coming month starting Feb. 10th. also for the rest of the Staff I will be working with at the Elementary School.

3) Please keep 2 of my former co-workers uplifted in Prayer. One of my co-workers had found out she has a mass on her heart and its cancer she is going through alot of chemo therapy at this time and could use the prayers. My other co-worker he had suffered a stroke but by the grace of God is doing well and has returned back to work all ready.

4) Please keep a sweet boy name Noah Stapp uplifted in prayers as he is very ill at this time and the doctors are uncertain of what is wrong with him. Tomorrow he will go to see a GI doctor so please keep him in prayer that God gives the GI doctor wisdom and knowledge to find out what's going on and to heal his little body.

5) Please continue to keep both me & mom lifted up in prayers on our jobs for several reasons that the Lord Knows all about. and for healing in both of our bodies as well.

6.) Continued prayers for my friend Trish as she is losing her hearing and the doctors have no clue as to the reason why. Pray God gives direction, wisdom, knowledge to the doctors so they are able to help Trish out and for comfort and healing for her. 

7) Unspoken requests that the Lord knows all about as well and many more prayer requests that I cant remember at this time but the Lord knows who and what they are and he knows my heart and knows I am lifting up each request to him as well to. 


February 7,2015


Please keep my best friend George Prendergast & the whole Prendergast family uplifted in your prayers today & the coming days ahead. George lost his grandfather on Sunday, February 1st, 2015 as he went home to be with our Lord. His grandfather leaves behind many who love him. He was a great man who was loving, kind, compassionate, thoughtful, funny, caring, and wonderful. He was known by many names such as Husband, Dad, Pop-Pop, Friend, Uncle (but you know as the priest that done his service said, "that these words above that describe such a great man are not words that describe him but they describe Christ who lived within this such great man" and he could not be more then right. See we each represent Christ in some way, shape, or form and we need to let these qualities of Christ dwell within us so that others could see and be led to God through us and our workings/doings as well.) I didn't have the previliage of knowing nor meeting this great man personally but I heard many great and wonderful things about him. You see I am only George Prendergast's best friend who was and is there to show my support and love to the family. Pray that God wraps himself around the family and comforts their broken, grieving, hearts and that they may feel the presence of God with them during this difficult time. 


Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Please keep a dear friend of mine and her family in prayers for Urgent Unspoken Prayer Requests. Me & this friend of mine go all the way back to our childhood days in elementary school. God knows all about their situation how to meet their need. 

Second Please pray for my class mate & friend Jennifer's father in your prayers as he is in the hospital with Pneumonia in both lungs and just isn't doing to good.

Third Please keep our dear sister in Christ Peggy P. uplifted in your prayers as she is recovering from Pneumonia at this time as well to. 

Fourth please keep me in prayers for my schooling as I have chosen to go back to college and continue my education to try to obtain my teaching degree in elementary special education. Pray that I continue to do well in my classes and succeed in all my work both in class and at home. 

Lastly Please continue to keep the Prendergast family uplifted in your prayers as they still grieve and morn the loss of their beloved loved one. 

Thank you all for your prayers and support. God Bless you all. 

Wanda Finley




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