The Battle is Raging

The battle is Raging
steel upon steel,
the screams of
the dying,
the skrieks of fear.

Onward soldiers,
never fear The
Lord of the battle
is always near.

Take up the Sword
of the Spirit,
and the Armor
of God
Go on bravely,
ye saints of God.

Never worry,
Never faint.
The Lord of Lords
He is thy Strenght.

to the fray.
He leads us onward
be not afraid.

Walk by faith,
and not by sight
See His Glory
and His Might!

He fights the
battle till its won
We go on to
Victory thru
Jesus the Son.

O ye warriors
of the King
Be ye brave,
and look to
the Son.

For He leads
us onward to
victory ahead,
He has won!

written by: Dianna Barnhart


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